Management Philosophy

In the Concordia Financial Group, the following management philosophy system is the basic policy of the Group's management and is the foundation of our corporate activities.


Management Principles

As a financial group that is trusted by customers and indispensable to its region, we:

  • 1.
    Contribute to enriching the lives of our customers and growing their businesses.
  • 2.
    Contribute to the sustainable development of regional communities.
  • 3.
    Continue be an attractive company that employees are proud to work for.
  • 4.
    Grow sustainably and enhance our corporate value.


Long-term goal

A solution company rooted in communities and selected as a partner to walk together

Thoughts underscored in the “Long-term goal”

  • In order for us to continue to be “a financial group that is indispensable to its region” as set forth in our Management Principles, we aim to become a “solution company” that provides solutions to solve issues of customers and regional communities by broadening the range and increasing the quality of our solutions.
  • Our commitment to becoming the closest partner for customers and regional communities by sincerely addressing issues faced by them is expressed in the phrase “rooted in communities and selected as a partner to walk together.”
  • Aiming to become such a “solution company,” we will contribute to sustainable development of vibrant regional communities.


Values and action guidelines to be shared by all executives and employees

Confidence and trust

We place an importance on the maintenance and strengthening of relationships of trust with communities, customers, shareholders, and employees.


We always act based on a customer-first policy.

Transformation and challenges

We face changes in economy and society always with a transformation spirit and take on challenges without fear of failure.


We always do our best with unwavering pride.