Efforts on Environmental Care

Global warming and climate change are key issues requiring countermeasures to be taken from medium and long perspectives on societal and economic activities. Concordia Financial Group, Ltd. has been putting our efforts into implementing global warming countermeasures and preserving the environment in our core business of financing service and corporate activities under the Group’s Environmental Policies.

Environmental considerations through our core financial services

Environment-related donations through private placements and loans (The Bank of Yokohama and The Higashi-Nippon Bank)

The Bank of Yokohama’s SDGs Private Placement Bond is a commemorative product for which the Bank will donate 0.1% of the amount of the private placement bond issued by the customer to efforts by five related organizations in Kanagawa Prefecture to contribute to the promotion of the SDGs. The donations will be used to help solve the microplastic problem and undiagnosed diseases and to promote local production of energy for local consumption. The Higashi-Nippon Bank’s Donated SDGs Promotion Loan is a product for which Higashi-Nippon Bank donates 0.1% of the loan amount to local governments and other businesses that promote SDGs. The donations will be used for greening activities in Tokyo and Ibaraki Prefecture and to support poor households.

The Regional ESG Finance Promotion Program - Interest Subsidy Scheme (The Bank of Yokohama and The Higashi-Nippon Bank)

The Bank of Yokohama and The Higashi-Nippon Bank offer special loans as financial institutions designated by the Ministry of the Environment under the Regional ESG Finance Promotion Program - Interest Subsidy Scheme. The Scheme, newly established by the Ministry of the Environment in 2019, aims at the promotion of capital investment contributing to the reduction in CO2 emissions and grants interest subsidies with the maximum of 1% annually during the first three years on the loans used for capital investment into energy conservation and renewable energy businesses.

Electronic delivery service and online bank account(Bank account without bankbook issuance) (The Bank of Yokohama)

Internet banking, “Hamagin My Direct” offers electronic delivery service with the issuance of the electronic files of investment trust-related reports and documents that have been printed and mailed out in envelope and card formats, and online bank account without the issuance of paper-based bankbook aimed at the reduction of paper resources.

Environmental consideration through corporate activities

Endorsement of the Kanagawa Zero Plastic Trash Declaration (The Bank of Yokohama)

The Bank of Yokohama supports the Kanagawa Zero Plastic Litter Declaration that Kanagawa Prefecture, an SDGs future city, has established to eliminate plastic waste and supports efforts to tackle microplastic issues. To commemorate the expansion of the use of the SDGs Friends Loan supporting SDGs management initiatives by local companies, we donated 5 million yen to the Kanagawa Coastal Beautification Foundation Public Interest Foundation Corporation. The donation is used for coastal cleanup and coastal beautification awareness in an effort to solve the microplastic problem.

Marine conservation efforts through the company cafeteria

The Bank of Yokohama is the first bank in Japan to offer a menu of Sustainable Seafood* in its headquarters employee cafeteria. Incorporating sustainable marine products into thecompany cafeteria menu encourages each employee to change his or her food awareness and behavior.

  • *
    Sustainable seafood is not over-fished and is caught in a way that is environmentally friendly. There are two types of fisheries products - fish caught in the wild in consideration of marine resources and the environment and farmed fish raised in a way that minimizes their impact on the environment. Both require certification by an inspection organization (e.g. MSC or ASC certification).

Community action

Environmental Preservation Activities (The Bank of Yokohama and The Higashi-Nippon Bank)

Our employees and the Group’s employees voluntarily participate in activities to clean the regional beaches and rivers.

Tree planting activities in corporation with municipalities (The Bank of Yokohama)

We take part in tree and flower planting activities at tree-planting ceremonies held in Minatomirai District, Sakuragi-Cho station square, and Shonan International Village Megurino Mori.