Concordia Financial Group, Ltd. (hereinafter, the “Company”) shall resolutely deal with antisocial forces that threaten order and safety in civil society in order to cut off relationships with them.

1. Organizational Responses

The Company shall stipulate grounds against having relationships with antisocial forces in places, including the Basic Compliance Policy, the Code of Conduct and internal regulations. The Company shall deal with antisocial forces as an organization including top executives, instead of leaving the task to employees and departments in charge. The Company shall ensure safety to employees who deal with antisocial forces.

2. Cooperation with External Specialist Bodies

The Company shall work daily to build close cooperative relationships with external specialist bodies, including police and lawyers.

3. Discontinuation of All Relationships Including Transactions

The Company shall cut off all relationships with antisocial forces, including business relationships.

4. Civil and Criminal Legal Responses in Time of Emergency

The Company shall refuse unreasonable demands made by antisocial forces. Furthermore, the Company shall provide legal responses from the perspectives of both civil and criminal cases as the occasion demands.

5. Prohibition of Behind-the-Scenes Bargaining and Funding

The Company shall never engage in behind-the-scenes bargaining with any antisocial force.
The Company shall never fund any antisocial force.

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