Concordia Financial Group, Ltd. (hereinafter, “the Company”) shall position compliance as one of its priority management issues. All its directors and employees shall work as one to better prepare the Company for compliance.

1. Mission to the Society

The Company shall stay aware of its mission to the society at all times. The Company shall work to build solid corporate ethics in order to firmly establish trust in itself through sound business administration.

2. Strict Observance of Laws, Ordinances and Rules

The Company shall recognize compliance as a basic principle for making public trust in itself unshakable. Based on the awareness, the Company shall strictly observe all laws, ordinances and rules, and execute corporate activities faithfully and fairly without going against social norms.

3. Communication with the Society

The Company shall seek to communicate with the members of the society far and wide by taking actions, including the active and fair disclosure of information on its business administration and other subjects. The Company shall make repeated efforts to guarantee soundness and improve services by listening to the opinions of stakeholders.

4. Respect for the Human Rights of Employees, etc.

The Company shall respect the human rights and personality of its employees. At the same time, the Company shall work to prevent unfair treatment and discrimination at work. The Company shall take actions against such practices to guarantee an environment safe and easy to work in.

5. Provision of Customer-Oriented Services

The Company shall meet true customer demands. At the same time, the Company shall contribute to developing regional economies and communities by offering customer-oriented services that give sufficient consideration to the appropriate protection of customer interests, including security level improvement and the prevention of the abuse of dominant bargaining positions.

6. Discontinuation of Relationships with Antisocial Forces and Prevention of Financial


The Company shall resolutely confront antisocial forces that threaten order and safety in civil society. The Company shall thoroughly cut off relationships with such forces and address the prevention of financial crimes.

7. Prevention of Money Laundering and Measures against Funding Terrorists

The Company shall build a centralized management system from the viewpoints of preventing money laundering and taking measures against funding terrorists.


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