In Kanagawa and Tokyo, where Corporate customers are at various stages of growth, we will contribute in the development of our customers’ businesses as an indispensable financial group in the region by providing optimal solutions through business evaluation, leveraging the customer base built up over the years.
In addition to the financial support, we have established “Solutions Sales Department” bearing responsibilities for solving issues addressed by customers at the headquarters of the Bank of Yokohama whose institutional and retail bodies come together and act as one to strengthen its system to provide the solutions arrived at by the whole group. In addition to centralizing and strengthening the direct customer sales functions at the headquarters of the Bank of Yokohama, The Higashi-Nippon Bank is also increasing the number of solution sales staff at its headquarters.

Initiatives on regional revitalization (The Bank of Yokohama)

The Bank of Yokohama works together with local municipalities to formulate and promote “Regional Comprehensive Strategies” as part of regional revitalization initiatives. The Bank of Yokohama cooperates with the academy, industry, and government to contribute to the regional economic growth by actively providing the solutions arrived at with the utilization of information and knowledge the regional financial institutions have. Further, the Bank of Yokohama pushes ahead with the “Hamagin 10 Years in the Future Project” to achieve the vision of the Bank ten years down the road by identifying the regional issues and the ideal figure the Bank ought to become at ten years later.

Promoting SDGs to local small and medium-sized enterprises (The Bank of Yokohama and The Higashi-Nippon Bank)

We offer the SDGs Friends Loan, a program that enables small and medium-sized enterprises to recognize their management issues on SDGs through having a dialogue with our employees. We support the actions taken by the whole regional society to actualize SDGs by holding the SDGs seminars for the companies using our services.

Financial support to customers impacted by novel coronavirus (COVID-19) disease (The Bank of Yokohama and The Higashi-Nippon Bank)

The Bank of Yokohama and The Higashi-Nippon Bank offer meticulous support for finance, including new loans and existing loans with changes in the terms and conditions, to our customers impacted by COVID-19. The Bank of Yokohama offers a capital loan that enables borrowed money to be treated as capital for credit examination in response to losses in equity capital due to temporary deficits. In addition to improving balance sheets by capitalizing loans, the Bank provides customers with longer-term, stable funding for lump-sum repayment.

Realizing cashless society (The Bank of Yokohama)

At the Bank of Yokohama, we were one of the first in the financial industry to provide the HamaPay smartphone-based payment service, with a focus on revolutionizing distribution and commercial transactions through cashless payment and creating a sustainable community where people can live with peace of mind. We were the first domestic financial institution, in September 2020, to swiftly issue bank account-linked prepaid card installed in smartphones and brought into fruition touch payment (contactless IC payment) with Apple Pay (for iOS) and Osaifu Ketai (mobile wallet) (for Android) at more than one million iD member stores in Japan. Further, we aim to realize a safe and secure cashless society rooted in the community in cooperation with local governments, universities, shopping malls and commercial facilities.

Working together with local governments and universities

Support for Branding of Specialty Products (The Bank of Yokohama)

The Bank of Yokohama supported the Shonan Pomoron tomato product development project in cooperation with the city of Chigasaki and Bunkyo University after receiving an inquiry from a farmer in Chigasaki City about expanding sales channels for Shonan Pomorons, a tomato variety developed independently by Kanagawa Prefecture. This product was certified under the “Kanagawa Nadeshiko Brand,” a prefectural government project that recognizes outstanding products that women contributed to development of. Also, aroma oil developed in cooperation with the Oiso Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Sagami Women’s College is made from mandarin oranges grown in Oiso, and is sold at the college’s school festival and at the Oiso Town Chamber of Commerce and Industry Association. Going forward, the market for this aroma oil is planned to expand as a local product of Oiso.

Product Business Meetings (The Bank of Yokohama and The Higashi-Nippon Bank)

The Bank of Yokohama and the Tokyo Institute of Technology hold product business meetings with the aim of matching the university’s intellectual property with the needs of businesses. The business partners of The Higashi-Nippon Bank and Chiba Bank have participated in the product business meeting, and there have been some examples of these meetings beginning to commercialize the Tokyo Institute of Technology’s seeds (intellectual property). Also, joint product business meetings on food have been held periodically with Chiba Bank and Yamanashi Chuo Bank. Buyers (trading companies, supermarkets, etc.) and suppliers (food manufacturers etc.) who are clients of each bank participated in the event.
The Higashi-Nippon Bank organizes the product business meeting, “the appeal of food,” in collaboration with second regional banks across the country, working to help our partner companies to find the appeals of the food matching their business needs.

Revitalization of the Miura Peninsula (The Bank of Yokohama)

The Bank of Yokohama, together with the Keikyu Electric Railway Co. and NTT DoCoMo Inc., has signed the Agreement on Cooperation and Collaboration for the Economic Revitalization of the Miura Peninsula Region with the aim of revitalizing the Miura Peninsula region, which is facing the challenges of declining birthrates, an aging population and population decline.
In cooperation with Chiba Bank, local governments, and tourist facilities, we also held cycle tourism in the form of a cycle stamp rally on cycle roads on the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture and the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture. In holding this event, we created “Chiba and Kanagawa Miyaget,” a portal site of online catalog gifts that are specialties of the regions of Miami Boso in Chiba Prefecture and Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture, which can be arranged as gifts using smartphones and other devices. The number of the specialty items listed from October 2020 has risen to cover those of the entire regions in these prefectures to support the expansion of the sales channels of retailers whose business activities were severely impacted by the spread of COVID-19.

Community Action

The Bank of Yokohama is cooperating with Food Bank Kanagawa’s “Food Drive.” This initiative delivers donated food and other items, such as vacuum-packed food from households and businesses, to families and facilities in need. In addition to encouraging customers to participate in our activities at our stores, our volunteer employees also donate food products.

Higashi-Nippon Bank formed the “Volunteer Caravan” in 1999 as a unique contribution to the community, and over the years has deepened exchange with the community by playing musical instruments, singing and dancing at social welfare facilities and other places.

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