Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

Through the promotion of diversity, equity, and inclusion, the Concordia Financial Group achieves sustainable growth in corporate value by having all employees, who possess diverse ideas and values, make the most of their abilities, and create new values.

1. Acceptance and Respect for Diversity

We recognize diversity in race, ethnicity, religion, nationality, background, social status, creed, age, disability, physical characteristic, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, career, work style, etc., and promote mutual respect.

2. Maintenance of Work Environment

We maintain a system to support new challenges and the desire for growth and establish a healthy work environment in which all can demonstrate their abilities and play an active role through flexible and diverse work styles.

3. Ensuring Equity

We value the growth of the company and our employees, provide each employee with equal opportunities to play an active role, and give fair evaluations.