Sustainability Management System

The Concordia Financial Group
Sustainability Initiatives and Individual Business Strategies

A cycle of regional development and company growth to further strengthen the management base
Creating common value for the company and the region through our core business and achieving sustainable growth together with the region

As a regional financial institution, the Concordia Financial Group aims to become a bridge between all stakeholders, and to engage in corporate activities aimed at solving social issues, thereby achieving sustainable growth and development together with local communities.
The target for achieving the SDGs is 2030, but we will continue to build a sustainable society beyond that date through our corporate activities, which include revitalizing local economies, community development, support for enriching people’s lifestyles, and environmentally conscious initiatives.

Identification of the Group’s Materiality

Materiality Identification Process

In the Group SDGs Committee, the Company examines and discusses the priority of issues to be addressed by the Company from the perspectives of the degree of impact on stakeholders and the significance of social presence as a regional financial institution. It has established the ‘6 materialities’ that the Group should work on to create a sustainable society.
Based on materiality, the director in charge of SDGs promotion and each business unit work together to promote business strategies.

Materiality/Related goals ESG/Specific examples of initiatives

Supporting Sustainable Growth of Local Businesses


Trouble-free financial support
Providing a wide range of solutions
Supporting trouble-free business succession

Lifestyle-support in the age of centenarians


Support according to life sta
Supporting the children who will carry the future of the region
Financial and economic education

Revitalizing the local economy


Supporting the development of prosperous communities
Regional revitalization in cooperation with local governments
Regional revitalization in collaboration with universities

Promoting financial digitization


Building more convenient branch channels
Promoting the cashless society
Improving services through digital technology

Measures against global warming and climate change


Environmental considerations in investment and lending
Environmentally conscious corporate activities
Addressing climate change

Workplace reform and diversity promotion


Respect for human rights and creation of a rewarding workplace
Becoming a company where diverse personnel can thrive
Development of personnel to meet customer expectations

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